miércoles, 2 de enero de 2013

 Hi everyone!!

The New Year has arrived, we're all hungover, tired and sleepy,
but we're still alive (like zombies but alive, the Mayans never  prophesied
we were going to die but still we're relieved). We've  enjoyed the extended holidays 
and remembered those who are sadly no longer with us.
This year most of us are looking to the New Year with hope, after the hard year of 2012,
it maybe the end of the crisis? (or at least the beginning of the end?),
maybe this year will bring a job offer or a new and better one? new 
business opportunities? or maybe just a little bit of happiness for you and your family.

So a new race has begun and we're all in the pole position for a year of success,
happiness and well-being, willing to do and give our best to everyone, so
let's extend all this one-month wishes to the whole year and make it
unforgettable, let us help you to do it giving you the best information and nice moments with our magazines and/or on the internet, we want to contribute with our effort to make this year the beginning of a better era.
Happy New Year to all of you, our best wishes and feelings!!!